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The establishment and development of Jinzhou New China Dragon Moly Co.Ltd has depend on
kind effort from all friends of the society. Thank you for the support and attention from the whole society……
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Chairman introduction
  Guang-Hua Guo, was born in 1964 in Gaomi City Shandong Province. In 1988,he graduated from the Price Department of Business College.After the graduation, he worked at financial division in Jinzhou City Ferroalloy Factory.Because he worked diligently and practical, also was rich in the innovative ideology, in 1992,he was transferred to Jinzhou City Special Ferroalloy Factory as business director.Since then,his talent in management and leadership came out day by day. Therefore, many ability and wisdom outstanding friends gathered at his side, so the solid foundation had been laid for his course of undertaking.In 2003, Guang-Hua
     Guo saw that Chinese factories were seriously insufficient at independent productivity for molybdenum serial products, but he knew very well that the molybdenum was one of the rare metals, molybdenum can improve each kind of alloy steel’sintensity, toughness and the thermal stability.the corrosion resistance toenhance.Also he fully realized that the molybdenum product would be widely applied in the domains as metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, war industry, astronautics and so on, and the demand for molybdenum products would increase largely in the market. In view of this, Guang-Hua Guo decided resolutely to lead his undertaking partners to start an undertaking independently, and founded afactory named “Jinzhou City Hualong Dayou Ferroalloy Co., Ltd.”,whose chairman was Guang-Hua Guo. After some years'development, the factory already developed into a specialized company collection mining, dressing, smelting, processing, trading in a body.And became to one of the biggest scale molybdenum serial production enterprises in China. Along with company's growing,the subsidiary company had increasing day after day, because of the development need, the company changed into Co., Ltd. in 2009,the full name is Jinzhou New China Dragon Moly Co., Ltd..     
What have known by everyone is that , the Chairman Guang-Hua Guo not only cares about his own each staff, but also attaches great importance to the career of social philanthropy . He said a word more than once, "the enterprise as a social cell, not only should concern each staff, what’s more importance thing is feedback to society, return to hometown”. According to incomplete statistics, from started undertaking to the year of 2010, the total of funding that Guang-Hua Guo had funded to the honorable cause and social welfare reached to 8 minllion yuan,it includes the relief the poverty, relief the earthquake disaster, support the education career, culture and sports career and so on.
     When he wasn’t busy in his career, the chairman Guang-Hua Guo still did not forget to study, has studied for the CUEB's master's degree, OUHK's MBA master's degree and the PKU’s EMBA master's degree successively, and has studied the management philosophy in the PKU’s philosophy department.
In addition, the Chairman Guang-Hua Guo likes widely, he has the strong interest in the photography, the calligraphy, the golf and so on. His photographic works has ever taken many big prizes both at the home and abroad.At the recent time,the main of prizes that he has winned is:
     His photographic work named “Love Fight” has won the gold award in China Beidaihe’s international bird watching photo contest ,his photographic work named “Labor symbol” gained the entry award in China in the 13th international film festival and so on. . .
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