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Speech of president
The establishment and development of Jinzhou New China Dragon Moly Co.Ltd has depend on
kind effort from all friends of the society. Thank you for the support and attention from the whole society……
Subordinate company
Chairman deeds
     For survival development, we must constantly change ourselves and expand innovation to adapt to market paradises impact. Only the man who has combated with the wind and waves riptide can really taste to the magnificence of beating fold mast coated boat storm.
     As a Molybdenum industry empire, Jinzhou New China Dragon Moly Co., Ltd. was personally created by Guanghua Guo. The company was gestated in the tide of reforming and opening, born in the eyes of intelligent wisdom, strengthened in the fierce market competition, Guanghua Guo created NCD to be a real dragon in molybdenum industry. Guanghua Guo and his entrepreneurs made the admirable and uncommon performance for both the city and the society. 
    Seizing the opportunity and realizing jumping
     Jinzhou Hualong Dayou Ferroalloy Ltd. was originally a Ferro Molybdenum smelter plant with a small scale founded in August, 2003. Guanghua Guo start the enterprise from several simple smelting furnace with his entrepreneurs, which laid a foundation for the development of the enterprise future.
    In January, 2005, Guanghua Guo succeeded in buying the well-known Benxi abundance tungsten and molybdenum co., ltd through the capital operation. This acquisition elongated molybdenum product line, made molybdenum products from primary products to further processing products, improved the added value of the products, and even enhanced the core competitiveness of the enterprise.
    In October, 2006, Jinzhou New China Dragon Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was founded as the parent company of other six entity companies.“parent-child company system” , bonded by capical was built up, which had built up the good development mechanism for the enterprise. 
    In June, 2008, Yanbian New China Dragon Moly Co., Ltd. was built up, which laid solid foundation for expanding upstream and downstream industry chain and enhancing the self-sufficiency rate of raw materials.
    In September, 2008, Jilin New China Dragon Moly Co., Ltd., based on molybdenum profoundly processed projects, was established to officially open up the prologue of investment development in Yanbian area.
    In April, 2009, Tianqiao Moly Co., Ltd. with advanced craft and first-class equipment in domestic was put into construction. After commissioning at the beginning of 2010, the company was formally put into production in July. So far, the production output and quality of ammonium molybdate, as the main processing product in the company, leapt to the leading position in molybdenum industry. 
    In January, 2010, headquarter of the enterprise moved to Jinzhou Economic Technical Development Area, a key development area on Liaoning coastal economic strategy belt. Besides the new office building and dormitory, the network information office building like ERP and OA leaped in a new stage. 
     Technology enterprise and scientific development
     “Science and technology progress is the life of the enterprise, is the source of enterprise development, and is the direct source power promoting fast growing for the enterprise taking molybdenum metal processing and molybdenum chemical products as the core business.”
     This is the deep experience of Guo Guanghua, the chairman of Jinzhou New China Dragon Moly Co., Ltd., after adjusting the product structure, struggling to a high technical level field in molybdenum industry with high-tech and high added value.
     In recent years, New China Dragon take “green China Dragon” as the goal, controlled the pollutant at source according to environmental standards, accomplished clean production, created green plants and maintained the sustainable development of the enterprise. The molybdenum oxide roasting recovery project use advanced environment protection technology, reached the green environmental protection request, and the dust removal, desulfurization series environmental protection equipment is a leading position in China.
     Rewarding the society and constructing harmony
     Guanghua Guo adhere to the people-centered development philosophy. He makes great efforts to make the employees growing up to become useful personnel meanwhile the development of the enterprise. He successively invested employee dormitory building, canteen, baths, basketball court and entertainment room to improve employees’ life, organize employees’ tourism, broaden employees’ vision, Carry out management, technology and skills training, improve the quality of employees. Open employees union home, worker proposal implemented, For the employees on endowment and medical insurance, and keep wages level maintain same above the average. This series of positive measures for staff created a good working and living environment and safeguarded the legitimate rights of the employees.
     Development creates harmony, harmony improves development. Under the interaction of development and harmony, New China Dragon Moly Co., Ltd. leaded by Guanghua Guo made great contribution for the construction of harmonious society by its own strength. The enterprise is ranked front row of the private enterprise in Jinzhou in several economic indicators for successive years such as sales income, taxes, export and so on. 
     Meanwhile, according to not complete count, the total amount funded by GuangHua Guo by 2010 has reached to 8 million including glorious cause and social welfare. GuangHua Guo not only helped in funds, also accumulatively arranged work for more than 600 local farmers and laid-off workers and train them into employment outstanding technical workers, which greatly reduced the burden on society.
     Keeping promise and innovation
     "Honesty, innovation" is the core values GuangHua Guo always adhered to.
     In 2004, the market price of FeMo was not stable. After signing the supply agreement with clients, the price went up to 400 thousand yuan per ton in the end of November from 90 thousand yuan per ton in January. In front of the huge economic benefits temptation, Guanghua Guo reflects an excellent business ethics that supply according to the initial price. Although the company lost a lot of money, he won precious prestige for the enterprise. Guanghua Guo pay greate attention to both honesty and the quality of products. He insisted on selecting high quality of unroasted molybdenum concentrate and superior auxiliary materials, using current roasting, smelting, finishing, packing processes according to relevant standards to ensure quality.
     In the face of challenge from financial crisis, Guanghua Guo timely convened the video conference, reduced the energy consumption, saved expenditure and took measures to tide over the difficulty. Each branch positive action, leave no stone unturned increasing earnings, restrain the landslide, ensure to maintain the profit balance no losses in the fourth quarter.
     Performing duties seriously and servicing for people
     As a deputy to people’s congress, Guanghua Guo never miss any meeting of the congresses any all kinds of activities while in office. Before each of the meeting and activity, he fully improve investigations, contact the masses, visit the grass roots and pay attention to listen to the opinion, proposals and requests to the state policy from all walks of people in the society. He proposed several bills and suggestions around problems such as boom of the local economy, promoting enterprise development, environmental protection, honest planning, market environment, and so on, and made some problems ease or be solved fundamentally.
     The glory and dream belongs to the entrepreneurs with honesty and innovation. In recent years, Guanghua Guo won “National moral models nomination”, was awarded “national model worker” by National Federation of Trade Unions,was awarded as “China charity outstanding contribution character” by China charity federation.He was awarded as “The outstanding communist party member”, “Model worker”, “Liaoning province labor medal” by the federation of trade unions in Liaonig province, was awarded as the first “Honest and trustworthy” moral model and “Outstanding entrepreneur” in Jinzhou City successively. Jinzhou New China Dragon Moly Co., Ltd. leaded by Guanghua Guo was awarded as acceptanc unit of comprehensive quality control by ministry of agriculture, was awarded as “Faith demonstration enterprise”, “Creditable enterprise”, “Hundred private enterprises”, “Famous brand products”, “Famous trademarks” by Liaoning province, was awarded as “One of the ten top enterprises in Jinzhou industry ” for many years, it is the major tax enterprises in registration.
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